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Director Training
Being a director for a child care center or running in-home child care is a huge role and responsibility. And one that generally doesn’t come with a guidebook. It’s one of those jobs you’re expected to learn on the job while you’re doing it.

Even if you’re up to the task you might not know everything you need to succeed. At least not yet...

How do you handle re-training and onboarding of staff who may have been working there for years? Are all your teachers following health and safety guidelines? How do you keep a happy, motivated staff when dealing with the unique stresses of childcare? And how do you do all that without spending countless hours and dollars learning from mistakes?

Being thrust into the role of Director can be a significant challenge. And learning everything as you go along doesn’t make it any easier.


ProSolutions Training has been working in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) business for almost 30 years. We know what you’re going through. We’ve been providing training since before the internet was always within reach. (The internet has made everything easier, hasn’t it? You’ll see why in a moment.)

We used to provide training in-person to early childhood educators and center directors across the nation. We held workshops at conferences and local community colleges. While this was effective, it made scheduling a challenge. And didn’t leave a whole lot of flexibility for directors like you to schedule their training.

Now, thanks to a desire to reach more people, we’ve come up with a better solution.


We know you are beyond busy with an overwhelming task load. We want to make your life easier because your job is hard enough.

We took many of the courses we used to teach in-person at conferences and workshops and put them online. So that you can take these courses on your time. From the comfort of your own home. No need to spend hours at a community college on a Saturday learning what it takes to be a successful director.


Our courses are not only comprehensive but simple to use and understand. We included fun games, interactivity, and valuable resources. We want to make sure you get the exact training you need to succeed. Each course even grants you a certificate, CEUs, and counts toward mandated training hours.

With making your life simple in mind, we decided to go a little further.

We created simple packages with the information you need to run and maintain a successful child care center. There are different packages based on your requirements and needs.

Are you ready to get your training started? We have three options for you to choose from for your online training needs.

Director Training Basics


  • 12-Hour Package
  • Understand and prepare for emergencies and other health and safety procedures
  • Find the best ways to lead and communicate with your team
  • Get quality training and see if online training is right for you!

Director Training Role


  • 20-Hour Package
  • Includes all of the online training in The Basics package
  • Plus family engagement strategies
  • Incorporate different cultures into your classroom
  • Understand the best ways to manage your role through quality online training

Director Training Leadership


  • 40-Hour Package
  • Includes all of the online training included in the Understanding Your Role package
  • Intermediate-level courses about running a successful business including budgeting and marketing
  • Best practices on child development and professionalism
  • All the training you need to lead a successful program!


ProSolutions Training wants to be your source for high-quality training on all the important topics you need to run a successful child care center or home. This means a staff full of dedicated and well-trained teachers. Teachers who are always refreshed and ready to make a difference in the lives of children.